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          Case Study

          Buyagift Improves ROAS by 26% Leveraging Marin’s Dynamic Ads

          • 24% drop in CPA
          • 26% increase in ROAS

          • Background

            Buyagift scours the United Kingdom looking for all things gift-related. They turn over every stone and look behind every sofa to bring you the best gift ideas you never thought to look for before. Buyagift is the leading provider of gift experiences in the UK. If you’re looking for a unique birthday gift or an extra special Christmas present, or just a novel way to mark your own special occasion then Buyagift offers an exceptional choice from which to select.

          • The Challenge

            Buyagift uses paid search and social advertising to generate new sales. They use social primarily to retarget traffic coming to the website from paid search or other branding efforts.

            With so many different gift options available, running paid social campaigns and matching products to the right customer can get difficult and time-consuming.

            The challenge for this client is how to streamline their paid social marketing efforts, increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), and save time on campaign management.

          “With the tools in Marin Social, we were able to easily execute a complex campaign strategy, while significantly improving the performance of our overall program.”

          – Jinaye Herr / Senior Performance Marketing Executive
          Buyagift & Red Letter Days

          • Solution

            Marin’s Dynamic Ads capabilities were instrumental in streamlining Buyagift’s paid social media strategy. Using Dynamic Ad Retargeting, Buyagift can automatically deliver customized ads based on the products the customer viewed on the website.

            Marin offers an easy Dynamic Ad creation and management interface. Its intuitive, four-step process and creative templates greatly simplify the process of setting up this power ad format.

            Buyagift was able to create multiple ad sets and edit multiple ads at the same time. With so many products on offer, this greatly streamlined campaign setup for their entire portfolio. Quickly changing out the branding of all dynamic ads for specific events can be done very quickly. As an example, Buyagift incorporated a static card in their standard carousel ad for Father’s Day.

            Buyagift leveraged Marin to create campaigns with one, three, and seven-day windows to bid aggressively right after conversion, and then lower as the customer got further from the website visit. They also segmented customers who merely viewed products from those that Added to Cart but didn’t purchase.

            Buyagift was able to keep this relatively complex campaign structure by using Marin’s Media Plans to group related campaigns for easier reporting. To further increase performance, Buyagift turned on Marin’s Budget Allocation to best allocate the campaign budget across ad sets.

          • Results

            In addition to the time saved launching the Dynamic Ads campaigns, the new campaign structure and Marin Budget Allocation helped Buyagift achieve a 24% drop in CPA and a 26% increase in ROAS.

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